Broomburn Dr, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire G77 5JQ
UK Phone: +44 141 769 0609.

About us


FOUNDED IN NEWTON MEARNS. We cover all areas of Glasgow including all surrounding towns and villages. Oven cleaning Glasgow is a family run,  independent company.

Our professional steam cleaning staff are all covered by full public liability insurance.

Our insurance broker is GLEEMING insurance. Our Insurance provider is HISCOX insurance. We chose GLEEMING insurance as they ensure there is full treatment coverage for all cleaning activities our staff undertake.

Glasgow oven cleaners is trading name of ScotClean Solutions. A leading provider of professional, domestic and commercial cleaning services.  Originally founded in Paisley, Renfrewshire in 2009.

When we began cleaning ovens, the typical method involved the use of really dangerous chemicals. Oven cleaning companies across Glasgow were driving around the city with vans full of toxic, harmful, corrosive chemicals. This was the accepted method. There had been no development in the industry for years.

Scotclean Solutions is a pioneer in new cleaning technologies. We embrace new methods of cleaning with a focus on developing eco friendly and energy efficient cleaning technologies across our areas of operations.

Our oven cleaning is carried out using industrial steam cleaning equipment. We use an eco friendly cleaning paste to clean the oven internals and a bio degradable carbon remover on your oven trays and metal racks.

Our friendly oven cleaning techicians are trained in the stirp down and reassembly of all of the major oven manufacturers. Our vans are equipped with Osprey Steam cleaning equipment. Osprey are the main suppliers of steam cleaning equipment to the health care and catering industry.

The osprey steam cleaning machines are fitted with high pressure, dry steam generators and powerful 3 stage vacuums. The machines produce dry steam at temps above 130 degrees. Dry steam breaks down the burned on grease and carbon allowing the cleaning technician to scrape and scrub the dirt away.