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Family run, professional oven cleaning service covering the Milngavie areaOVEN-CLEANER-GLASGOW-LOGO

  • Oven cleaning in Milngavie using only eco friendly cleaning products
  • Milngavie oven cleaning is fully insured with public liability insurance
  • We offer Morning, Afternoon or Evening appointments. 
  • Our oven cleaning cost includes the strip-down of the oven door
  • All oven internal metal racking cleaned and polished
  • Oven looks good as new when the cleaning is complete
  • Milngavie oven cleaners are fully trained in oven cleaning and restoration
  • professional oven, hob and extractor cleaning from The best oven cleaning company in Milngavie
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Our oven cleaning service in Milngavie is extremely popular with busy, working professionals in Glasgow. 

At Glasgow oven cleaners, we offer convenient appointments to our customers. 

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 Milngavie Oven cleaning process 

When you book our oven cleaning service in Milnagavie you don’t need to worry about anything else. Your uniformed oven cleaning technician will turn up on the day with all the oven cleaning equipment required to clean and restore your oven back to new again. We set up our equipment in your kitchen and unlike the cheaper oven cleaning companies who use caustic chemicals to clean your oven, we don’t need to keep making return trips to the van. Our Eco friendly cleaning paste is safe around pets, children and doesn’t harm aquatic life. We prefer to use bio degradable degreasers to steep the oven metal work. Caustic cleaning may be cheaper but the handling hazards involved and the damage caused to the environment when they are disposed leaves us with only one real option. Eco Friendly cleaning is part of our environmental  

Oven cleaning results

As you can see from the photographs below, Milngavie Oven Cleaners can take your dirty oven and restore it back to the condition it was in when you first purchased it. 

We will strip down the oven door and remove all the stainless steel internal metal work. By stripping down the oven internals, we can reach parts of the oven that are normally missed during normal oven cleaning. We only use our steam cleaning machine along with steel scouring pads and a lot of elbow grease.

No harmful, toxic chemicals are used during our oven cleaning process. We believe this is the safest and most effective way to clean your oven.  


A deep oven clean can take up to 5 hours if you are carrying out the task yourself with the toxic products sold in the supermarket. At Glasgow oven cleaning we can complete the task in half the time using industrial, eco friendly cleaning solutions and equipment.


Oven cleaning the safer way.

Steam oven cleaning is the safest way to clean the inside of an oven. Harmful chemicals used by other oven cleaners can leave a residue on your oven interior which can fume when the oven becomes hot when used.

This is unsafe and dangerous. Professional oven cleaning negates these problems.

  • Steam Oven cleaning service
  • safe, eco friendly steam cleaning 
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Deep clean back to new condition 
  • Dirt and grime removed
  • Oven left shining like new
  • Cooker servicing

When we clean your oven we can also provide basic servicing replacing parts such as:

  • Cooker bulb replacement.
  • Cooker seal replacement.

We carry a supply of oven bulbs on the van but for door seals we require that you order the part direct, you oven cleaning technician will be happy to fit it on the day. 

Your oven cleaning details

During the Oven cleaning process, we strip back the oven including removal of doors and Glass. This is what makes our service different from our competitors and from results obtained from DIY cleaning attempts. Once the doors and glass are removed we strip as much of the oven interior as possible, this includes oven walls ( when removable ) and all racking. We steep all the parts we remove in our dip tank in our van while we set to work steam cleaning the main parts of the oven.

Oven cleaning price list

Glasgow oven-cleaning-price-list-short

Our steam cleaning equipment 

Our steam cleaning equipment produces continuous steam at 180 degrees delivered at 6 bar PSI. With a variety of attachments to reach into every nook and cranny of your oven, there is nowhere we can’t access and clean with this machine.





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