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Glasgow Oven Cleaners New Steam cleaner

At Steam to Gleam Glasgow oven cleaning. We have invested in new Italian steam cleaning equipment. We wen’t Italian after discovering that one of the biggest UK suppliers of steam cleaning equipment, whom we thought was also the manufacturer of the equipment they sell. Well, all they do is label the equipment that our new found Italian producer manufacturers.


By going direct to the source we were able to specify exactly what we wanted the machine to do. We needed something heavy duty, powerful enough to blast the dirt from even the dirtiest oven but also portable enough to use in our customers homes. No one wants a massive machine dragged through their home just to clean the oven.

We asked for a machine that would produce steam, hot enough to blast away grease and burned on carbon deposits without the need to use harmful chemicals. Most oven cleaning companies rely on harmful chemicals when they clean ovens, they even clean the inside of ovens using chemicals that can kill a human.  I like to sleep at night so we want to use a system that is completely safe for our customers and our employees, So chemical free internal cleaning was essential to us.

When you ask steam to gleam to clean your oven, you can sleep tight in the knowledge that your dinner guests are safe from harm.

Another important aspect of our steam cleaning equipment was a vacuum system, this would cut down on the amount of paper we waste as a company. A simple vacuum system that could extract the grease as the steam cleaner dislodges it from the oven we are cleaning.

Well, that old saying you don’t ask, you don’t get, couldn’t be more true. By asking for the features we needed. We were presented with a steam cleaning machine capable of tackling any domestic cleaning job and most commercial work too.

It has all the Itallian styling we would expect, a beautiful machine, compact, powerful. It’s everything we asked for and more. Our new steam cleaning machine comes with a full set of tools specifically made for oven cleaning tasks.

We can now clean and extract your oven with minimum mess, everything is captured by our new vacuum facility on our steam cleaner.

If you need an Oven cleaning company in Glasgow. Then call Glasgow oven cleaners, Steam to Gleam, today.